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I have just bought a Toyota touch up paint kit. I am a bit nervous of trying it. How easy is it to make a good job of it? Also, it says it requires 48 hours to dry. Is it important not to drive the car during this time? I would be grateful for your advice, Thank you,
I have a 98 Olds Intrigue. While driving home, I went to pass another car and as I accelerated, the car jerked and started losing power. Trac off light came on as well as service engine light. However, the car seemed to gain power but then it started to overheat. I pulled into a gas station and a mechanic there saw that there was no coolant in the radiator. ...
My car....1996 Taurus..... started to run very rough....went to ford garage.....they told me not to use ethanol enhanced fuels? Never noticed it before but most reg gas is now enhanced w/ethanol 5/10% . What to do? Thanks for any advice. Phyllis
I have a 2007 Malibu (4cyl) and I need to know what is the rack and pinion system is and what kinda money it takes to repair or replace. I would also need a repair person in my area.
This problem started happening about a month ago and occurs only once in a while and inconsistently. This makes it difficult to reproduce when trying to explain or show it to others. While driving, the car jerks as if I ran over something. It has happened about 5+ times and I have had others drive it to get their opinion. Its almost like the car slows ...
When I drive there is a squeaky brake sound! Also squeaky when actually braking...very embarrassing and loud! Do I need new brakes? Could it be anything else?
My car pulls significantly to the left. I think it needs an alignment job. I have a coupon for 39.95 alignment special castor, camber and two applicable free chassis safety inspection. Is there anything I need to know before I take my car in?

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