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My 2012 Kia Sorento died while driving. I was able to get it running again by jumping the battery. It ran for about a week and then died again while driving. This time it won't start back up. What could be the problem.

My car will drive fine one minute but if you let it set and idle for to long it won't hardly move but if I stop and shut the engine off and start it back it works just fine

Well as I’m coming to a stop it starts rattling and shacking but as soon I accelerated it goes away and every time I’m comeing to a stop it doesn’t again

In July I took my car to a chevy dealer. They discovered a misfire and found spark plugs worn, coil no good and a leaking pipe. They removed and repkaced spark plugs and ignition coil. They also removed and replaced front exhaust pipe and gasket. Recently my service engine came on and at the end of last week my car cut off on me once when i started it, ...

2012 Chevy Impala does it have an access to the fuel pump in the trunk

I was driving and all the sun my engine cut out I tried to start in multiple times and it would almost fire all the way over when it would not I had it towed to my house after that I tried to start it again and it now starts but continues to want to log out like it's not getting gas my engine light has never came on nor is it coming on now all of my ...

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