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My right rear tail light went out about a week ago. I replaced the bulb and it worked fine. Got pulled over a few days ago because its out again. Tried replacing the bulb again but no luck. My right headlight just went out as well. Are these issues related?

Hi I have a 2012 kia sorento and my 10amp fuse for my dash indicators and headlights keep blowing out. I changed the fuse several times because local mechanics can't seem to pinpoint the problem and it continues to blow out. The dealer thinks its the instrument cluster panel chip, which is over $1200 to replace. Do you have any insight as to what may ...

I had my battery cable replaced yesterday. Driving home from work last night it was overheating did not see smoke but Gage went to high and when I stopped it would go down. It has never over heated. They spliced the battery cable and ran great. Know engine light comes on and it goes to hot What do you think happened with the battery cable fix??t on ...

I have replaced the radiator, water pump, thermostat, 4 fan clutches, hoses, oil looks good, runs at 195 for about 20 mins then slowly rises to 240. If I have the AC on it rises sooner and goes back down once AC is turned off.....what am I missing

I misplaced my key and never found it and I removed the cylinder and plastic also unplugged the wires I don't have the cash to buy one and I need my car for work how can I start it the way it is? Please help me.

My wife often idles our 2014 Outback (boxer engine) on our mildly uphill driveway for up to an hour sometimes when the baby has fallen asleep in the car seat. With the oil pan at that angle do I need to be concerned that the oil pump has access to enough oil with the car in that position.

Had a stereo system installed. While driving down the road my friend popped off the stereo face plate my car just went dead. No lights nothing. After putting the face plate back on after a few tries my car started. But now the car just randomly dies . Could it have something to do with the after market stereo system messing up the security system.

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