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I was driving and all the sun my engine cut out I tried to start in multiple times and it would almost fire all the way over when it would not I had it towed to my house after that I tried to start it again and it now starts but continues to want to log out like it's not getting gas my engine light has never came on nor is it coming on now all of my electrical works the only thing that I can think is that it is either a fuel pump which if it started up should not be the fuel pump or it's a fuel relay switch and or fuse or possibly some type of emergency fuel shut off switch and or fuse is there any way that you could help tell me based on what I've told you what it is or what it possibly could be based on the fact of that my engine light is not coming on and now we'll start over again but it's just lagging like it's not getting all of the gas it should

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Thank you for writing in. You are correct in thinking that you may have an issue with the fuel system. It is entirely possible for the fuel pump to start failing and work intermittently as it is going out. You may also be having an issue with one of the other fuel related components, like the fuel pressure regulator or the fuel filter. If the fuel filter is clogged, then it is not going to allow the right amount of fuel through. It is least likely the electrical components in the fuel system, as those are least likely to be intermittent unless the electrical connections are weak. You may want to have the vehicle scanned for diagnostic codes even if the warning light on your dash is not illuminated. There are several stages of codes used in modern on-board vehicle diagnostic systems, and it is possible for the computer to be detecting something that is not yet triggering the warning light.

Secondly, you may not be dealing with a fuel issue. It may also be an ignition issue (the spark plugs and related components), or it may be an air intake sensor issue. Only further testing will tell. Good luck! 

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