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My engine stalled at first when I would turn the key it would almost turn all the way over but not quite start had it towed to my house I then tried to start it again this time it fired up but it's continuing to stutter and lug out all of my electrical works lights etc and the engine light did not come on nor is it coming on now I simply could not get it to turn all the way over in the beginning but now it will turn over and run but wanting to cut out

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Thank you for writing in. If the engine is cranking over, but not starting, we call it a "crank-no-start". It means that the battery and the starter are working to turn over the engine, but that the engine is not capable of running due to a lack of fuel, spark, or air (also known as compression). The first thing to rule out is fuel pressure. You will need to hook up a gage to the fuel line at the engine to see if the engine is getting the fuel it needs during starting. If not, you need to look into the fuel pump and the fuel filter (as the filter may be clogged). If you are getting fuel, then you may have an issue with the ignition system, which is also known as the spark plugs and their related components. There are spark plug testers you can use to see if the spark plugs are getting the signal they need to fire. The spark plugs themselves will need to be physically examined for issues like excess wear or oil fouling.  It is least likely that you are having issues with compression, unless the engine is worn down or has had some kind of significant damage. Compression can be tested as a last result, but it is more likely that you have an issue with the air intake sensors. You would likely have a warning light if one of the air intake sensors have failed. Good luck!

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