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In July I took my car to a chevy dealer. They discovered a misfire and found spark plugs worn, coil no good and a leaking pipe. They removed and repkaced spark plugs and ignition coil. They also removed and replaced front exhaust pipe and gasket. Recently my service engine came on and at the end of last week my car cut off on me once when i started it, made a high pitched squeaking noise when driving it, shakes alot like it wants to cut off when im driving it. I took it to Lee Miles today and they said I need a new knock sensor, an upstream and downstream oxygen sensor and a valve cover gasket because its leaking oil into the engine. They also told me i need an engine tune up. I requested to have the knock sensor, oxygen sensors a valve covers done but hold off on the tune up ( being that i remember the work that was done back in july); they are telling me that i have to have the tune up which is an additional $400 that i dont have and they dont know about the work that was done back in July. Is this true? Do i have to have a tune up in this situation?

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Thank you for writing in. It is difficult to comment on whether or not the tune up is necessary. The price for the tune up seems a little extreme. You should take the time to ask what the tuneup entails, and consider those repairs individually. An oil change will be required, but that is not equivalent to $400 worth of work. Look into what they are going to do and then consider if it is worth the cost. Good luck!

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