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Well as I’m coming to a stop it starts rattling and shacking but as soon I accelerated it goes away and every time I’m comeing to a stop it doesn’t again

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. There are several issues that could be causing your problems. You may need to look into the EGR valve, fuel delivery system, and the mass airflow sensor. Without any other information, its impossible to tell. You are going to need to have some of these components tested in order to pinpoint the issue. Try contacting and Certified automotive shop for more help. 

LeeAnn Shattuck, Chief Car Chick at The Car Chick

Rattling and shaking when your car is idling can be caused by several things.  You could gave dirty fuel injectors, worn spark plugs or a clogged air filter.  These issues can all cause rough idling, although they also often cause misfires and the ol' check engine light to come on.  

Since you describe the problem more as "rattle and shake", the first thing I would check are your engine mounts.  These are the brackets that keep your engine attached to the car.  When they are worn or broken, the engine is not held in place properly, causing it to shake and vibrate, which you can feel when you the car is stopped or at low speeds.  A qualified mechanic should be able to diagnose that problem easily and determine which engine mounts are damaged and need replacing. 

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