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I purchased this new vehicle on 8/31/20. On 9/1/20 I received emails from Toyota, and realized I was deceived and conned into purchasing packages I told the finance guy upfront I didn't want. The same day I discovered the vehicle was infested with ants. I tried to get answers about the deception but was passed along and eventually told I was not charged for any additional packages, and there is no exchange for the vehicle. I picked it up on 9/14/20 but no longer want the vehicle. I'm to begin payments in 1 week but I no longer communicate with the dealership so I want to sale or trade to Carmax or Enterprise ASAP. I feel defeated, stupid and confused about how to get rid of it and anxious about going through the process again. My question is: I have not started payments so am I responsible for just the loan amount or the loan plus the ARP for the full term of the loan. These are the numbers. Loan: $28,467.89 Term: 75 months APR: 5.4% Carmax Trade Appraisal: $25,000 Enterprise: $26,000 Seeking a vehicle between $11,500 - $15,000 Thank you so much.

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LeeAnn Shattuck, Chief Car Chick at The Car Chick

Once you sign a loan contract, you are responsible for the amount of the loan plus any interest that has ACCURED to date.  You can technially sell this car and payoff the loan - just call the finance company and ask for a "10 day payoff".  However, if you sell it, you will lost a good bit of money, as you can see from the appraisals from Carmax and Enterprise.  

As for the ant infestation, I have seen that happen before, especially when there has been very little or no rain in the area.  If the car was parked near an active ant hill (which can easily be in the middle or on the edge of a dealer lot), and the ants sensed a source of food or water in the vehicle (like if it was recently washed), they move on in.  Fortunately, this problem can usually be solved with a good detail and pressure washing the underside of the vehicle.  

I would be happy to look over your documentation from when you purchased the vehicle to see if you paid for any "packages" or not, and to talk about the situation with you.  I hate to see you lose thousands of dollars to get out of this car unless that is absolutely necessary for your financial situation.  Please feel free to contact me directly through my website, and we'll schedule a time to talk on the phone.

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