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What I know: - The sound originates from the front, driver's side of the car. - The sound is rythmic, in-time with the spinning of the wheels (e.g. as the car slows down so does the frequency of the noise). - The sound occurs when I got the brakes at speeds higher than 30mph. - I have replaced the outer tie rod, the struts, the caliper, and the rotor. - Everything in the suspension system is solid. Nothing moves or makes sound when I mess with it. My Ideas: - Since it only makes the noise once the brakes are engaged, but it's not anything involved with the brakes themselves, it must be something close to the suspension system. - Maybe the thing only makes noise when the car is pitched downward, as engaging the brakes would cause the car to tip forward.

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Thank you for writing in. There are several components you may want to inspect. Considering the work you have already done, double check the rotor and caliber repairs. Make sure that the guide pins are properly lubricated, that the brake pads are properly seated, and that they hydraulic system is properly bled of any air. You may also want to look into the wheel bearings. If there is too much resistance or extra play in the wheel bearing, it may need to be replaced. Make sure that you are replacing the wheel bearings in pairs, if not doing all four at the same time. This keeps the vehicle working in sync as it was designed to do. 

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