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I recently had a small fender bender in the front left bumper I took a trip body shop got it fixed and when I got my car back it was making a screeching noise and the steering wasn't well. Shortly prior to the body shop I also had two front tires replaced. I took it back to the body shop and they found that the rear suspension is that one of the tires is bent out. Could have something like this been caused by the tire shop or the body shop? It was fine before I took it into the body shop. I am now being given the runaround, the tire shop that replace my tires is also the same tire shop that did the alignment for the body shop which they say came out everything okay with the with the suspension prior to the car being released, tire shop told me that I must have cost that myself after I picked up the car, but I have strong doubts as I haven't been driving because I'm currently not working and I haven't hit any severe bumps. Just trying to get to the bottom of this anyone has any suggestions or guidance or what to start with before pulling the bucks out of my pocket that I don't have in order to get this fixed.

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Thank you for writing in. It is difficult to determine the underlying cause of the issues you are having without being able to see the vehicle and its full repair history. It is possible that the vehicle was damaged while in the shop, as accidents happen. However, professionals are typically honest about these mistakes and you did get into an accident during this time period. If you have strong suspicions that one of the shops did damage the vehicle, you will want to get a third party inspection done by another shop. This may cost you money out of your pocket, and it may come back inconclusive. That being said, it may yield some results and help shed some light on what actually happened to the vehicle. Check out your local certified service centers for more help if you decide to get another opinion. Good luck!

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