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Truck hums like speaker hum whem connected wrong didnt do no work just brakes

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. I would need context about when the noise is happening to help you narrow down the issue more directly. For example, if the humming noise happens when you are braking or while the wheels are spinning and the SUV is in motion, then you may have an issue with the brake repair. You may also have an issue with your wheel bearings, need a tire balance and rotation, or have an issue with the wheel hubs. If the humming is present any time the vehicle is turned on, it is likely engine related. It could be related to the serpentine belt, a pulley, the air intake system (including air filter, passageways ect), or any other constantly moving component. Focus on components that spin and have a velocity similar to engine speed. These are most likely to create a humming noise. Good luck!

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