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I was told by a mechanic than my cooling fan motor was out, I did not have them replace it. 1 day after getting my honda back the check engine light went off and my fan motor is working. Could it juat b the sensor or have you heard of a fan motor working then not working??

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. It is possible for the fan motor to work intermittently. At that point, it is likely an electrical issue. If the motor fails mechanically, it will not typically work again. Regardless, replacing the fan motor is your best option. If it has gone out once, it will likely go out again. Next time it may be permanent, and there is really no way to predict when it will happen. 

The major concern comes from the fan not working at some point and not coming back on. The radiator may not sufficiently remove the heat from the coolant without the fan (particularly in hot months), and the engine could overheat. Overheating the engine can cause major issues internally, which can result in much higher repair costs and many other issues. Get a second opinion from someone who can inspect the vehicle physically, which may have to wait until the fan motor goes out again. Technicians will not be able to properly diagnose an issue if it is not occurring at that time. Good luck! 

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