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My 2014 Dodge Avenger has stalled on side of road . The electronic throttle control and Electrical Stability Control light is flashing and vehicle shaking when car is running. Any help with this ???

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Two symptoms you speak of are likely related and the cause of your issues. The Electronic Throttle Control module is in charge of regulating how much air enters into the engine, just like a traditional throttle would. If this module has failed, the air/fuel mix entering into your engine will not be correct, which would absolutely lead to engine shaking under certain conditions. Have the electronic throttle control module inspected by someone who is familiar with Dodge Avenger models. The electronic stability control light will likely go away once you solve the issue with the throttle control module, and has likely turned on as a result of the vehicle stalling. Good luck!


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