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Yeah I traded cars with my daughter and she said she got all the maintenance work on it and I think she said there's a hose problem but she but she said the other day when she was driving it just shut off and slowly by itself and then once you pull it over it starts up again after you wait about 10 minutes what is that?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. If the engine is stalling, but you have electrical power, you are likely having an issue with the fuel system or the ignition system. There will need to be more testing done to determine what the actual issue may be, which can only be done when the vehicle is stalling and having issues restarting. There also may be an issue with the air intake sensors, which are easiest to diagnose when you have a check engine light on, but can be tested other ways depending on the sensor you are lookin into. You may be best off getting help from a certified technician, because only further testing will tell. Good luck!

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