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How can i tell if timing is off? I just put new chains, tentioners, gjides and gears in. Im wondering if im off a tooth. Limited power...4000rpm..max Barely stays running at idle and sometimes dies. Codes are: p0300,p0302,p0304,p0306, p2119,p0449 ive test the vent works! Ive swapped coils of 5 and 6....didnt make difference. When i hold rpms around 2500 in park.....seems to be running on all 6 and pretty smooth. A couple times it said reduced engine power. When it does say that once ive started it...... i can idle it up and quickly turn key off and on and it will run up to 4000rpms again then back to rough idle. Ive checked wires and connectors Will the crank sensor make it do that? Does the throttle body butterfly always make clunking sound when keys turned off and on? Is there a way to tell if timings off without taking front cover off? I would appreciate any help!

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