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Car overheating right after battery cable sliced and repaired.When I turn the car off an get out of it I hear a fan going under the hood? Never had this problem before HELP! Thanks Kathy

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


An engine's fan can stay running for a few moments after the car is off to help it cool down. Many makes and models do this. If the fan runs for more than a few minutes, or doesn't shut off on its own, then there is a problem that should be addressed. The larger issue is what is causing the engine to overheat in the first place. It is unlikely that the battery replacement is having any affect over the engine cooling system, beyond a blown fuse. Start by checking the fuse, and then continue to inspect the cooling system for any issues. You can personally rule out a few issues by quickly checking a few things out yourself.

Start by checking the coolant level in the radiator and in the overflow tank. The overflow tank will have markings on it showing you where the maximum and minimum levels are. Check the level of coolant in the radiator by removing the radiator cap. You will see coolant right on top if it is full, which it should be. This MUST be done when the engine is cool. Do not attempt to check the radiator level while hot or warm. If the coolant level is low, try looking for a coolant leak. From there, you can also look into the cooling fan fuse and/or relay, look for any signs of a coolant leak, and listen for signs of a water pump failure. 

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