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I just replaced my radiator fans but before that my fans were hooked up to the fuse box so the mechanic unhooked them and supposedly ran the wire correctly. But now since the fans are replaced my vehicle is cutting off while driving. Could the code P034 be the reason why my vehicle is cutting off or could it be something else?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Without being able to see how the fans were hooked up, it is impossible to tell what the last technician did to the fan wiring and if it is causing any of your issues. The fans and their wiring should not have anything to do with the engine cutting off, unless the vehicle is overheating. 

Secondly, there is no "P034" code for your vehicle. There are two similar codes, P0304 and P0340. It is more likely that your vehicle has a P0340 code, which stands for the camshaft position sensor. If there is an isssue with the camshaft position sensor, your vehicle can and will stall, be hard to start, and possible idle rough as well. A P0304 stands for a misfire on cylinder 4, and is far less likely to cause your vehicle to stall. 

My educated guess would be that your vehicle has a bad camshaft position sensor that needs to be replaced. However, the timing of the camshaft sensor going out right after the fan wiring was rerouted is suspicious. You should get a second opinion on the vehicle. Check out our Female Friendly Certified technicians near you.  

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