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Hello I drive a 1998 Saturn and I took it in to a mechanic to have it checked out. I asked the technician what was wrong with the car and how much it would cost to have it fixed. I had been driving the car for five years and had replaced most of the parts already. He told me that the axel was broken and needed to be fixed. When asked how much it would cost to repair, I was told around $600 dollars. I brought the money back and I was told that he made the repair for one axel and he told me that the other one was slowly pulling a loose also. He told me I needed to bring the car back in a few months to have it fixed also. I have since been laid off of my job and I was wondering if it is true about what he stated about the other axel and wanted to know if the price quoted was fair. I do not want to go back to have more work done but I am also afraid of what might happen if the other axel pulled apart. Your info would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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Thank you for writing in. You are being cautious, and that is appropriate. If there is an issue with the axle, or the CV joint, it can cause issues while driving and be potentially dangerous if it breaks at high speeds. There are very common warning signs of a worn down axle assembly, including vibrations, clunking, grinding, and similar symptoms while turning. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you want to act sooner than later. If there are no obvious symptoms, you likely have more time to spare. If you are seriously concerned, get a second opinion and price quote. Good luck! 

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