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please my engine is excessively overheating, the water pump and the fan is working and head gasket has just been replaced only for less than 4 days. what could be the possible cause. the engine smoke is blue what is that. finally would you recommend that i replace the engine with a used engine?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Blue smoke coming from the exhaust is from burning oil. This could be a sign of a head gasket leak, worn valve seals, worn piston rings, damaged engine oil seals, or a faulty PVC valve. If you are considering swapping the engine, you will want to verify that it is the practical financial option. Engine swaps can be lengthy, problem prone, and expensive. If the vehicle's overall value doesn't warrant an engine swap, it may be more practical to sell the vehicle and get a new one. If you have access to another engine for a decent price, have the time, and have the money for an engine swap, then it is definitely an option. The last option would be to have someone replace or repair the issue, which may require hours of diagnostic work to actually find the problem. Good luck!

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