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The light was on then i turned the gas cap. Then it went off. I took the car in for inspection and it only needed wiper blades. Had the car back a week! Got a half a tank of gas last night, now the light is back on??

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Thank you for writing in. If a warning light is turning on when after you fuel up, there is likely an issue with the fuel cap or the tank ventilation system. It is not uncommon for an issue to go undetected if there are no current symptoms for a technician to find. Now that the warning light is on again, it is time to take the vehicle in to have it diagnosed. You can also have the warning light read at most automotive parts stores for free by having them "scan for codes". When a warning light turns on, the vehicle's computer will record a diagnostic troubleshooting code, designed to help a technician understand what might be going wrong. Having your car scanned for codes is the first step to finding out what is wrong. Good luck!

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