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My 2015 kia soul blew its engine on may 22. Thete was no advance warning, it was 800 miles overdue for its oil change. 71,400 miles on it. Bought it used in 2016 with 33,000 miles from a Ford dealership. There is no recall on the cars engine, although the symptoms of the failure are identical to those recalled. Warranty issued by Ford dealership did not include the engine (small print) Kia warranty did not on the hook for a car loan and the quoted cost for new engine is 7,000. Help!

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. I sympathize with your issue, and you may want to look into the lemon laws in your state and seek legal help regarding the premature issues and your warranty. From a mechanical standpoint, there isn't much we can advise you on. The fact the vehicle had low mileage and had these issues is likely a manufacture default, but proving that may be very difficult. The fact it was 800 miles overdue for an oil change is somewhat of an issue, and may be whats standing in your way of accessing your warranty. Although letting that much time go by between oil changes isn't best for your engine, its difficult to believe that alone would have caused the problem. However, if there was an oil leak or the engine had low oil, this can absolutely cause the engine to destroy itself and overheat. 

If you are interested in rebuilding the Kia, rather than scrapping it or selling it as it, you may want to check junk yards and salvage yards for an engine that you can use. Good luck!

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