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All Easter I was driving my car fine no problems at all , this morning when I got ready to go to work it crunk up with no problem As I drove away going into 35 speed limit my car wouldn’t go over 30 mph No Service lights are on , could it be that I need oil or What’s the problem

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. The symptoms you are describing are usually caused by transmission issues rather than low engine oil. You will want to start by checking the level of your transmission fluid. One indication of transmission issues is high RPMs and low accelration. If your engine is creating power and the RPMs are rising normally (or higher than normal), yet the vehicle isn't accelerating as it should, the transmission is most likely to blame. You may also want to scan the vehicle for diagnostic codes, as not all issues detected by the vehicle's diagnostic system will trigger an engine warning light. Only further inspection will tell. Good luck!

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