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In the last 2 months our car has been in the repair shop 4 times. Problems from serpentine breaking, problems with the power steering and now we need a new radiator. Is this normal and what is a good aftermarket radiator. Thank you for your time. Rosemary

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. It is common for an older car to experience some of these issues. Replacing belts is to be expected. Having issues with power steering is not unusual either, particularly when there has been some kind of damage to the steering linkage or the pump is leaking. Radiator issues may be stemming from poor maintenance, damage to the radiator, overheating, and a number of other variables. It is impossible to know what exactly has been done to a car when we buy one used. 

Often the change in driving styles when ownership changes is enough to amplify any minor issues. We all drive a little differently, and it shows when it comes to how a car ages and wears down. No matter what brand or parts you buy to make these repairs, make sure they are new, warrantied, and match OEM specifications. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) means that the part will match the original based on manufacture designs. 

Good luck!

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