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Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! November 30, 2018, I bought a 2005 Honda CR-V LE with 192,000 km (Canada) for $5300. It came with a "3 month bumper to bumper warranty". Ha ha ha ha ha... Since then, I have had to replace the battery, a blown crank seal, the drivers side seat belt buckle (SRS warning light), battery terminal ends (held in place with a wood screw) and MORE. I was also advised to: replace ALL FLUIDS, rear brake pads and rotors, spark plugs, engine and cabin air filters, have the valve clearance adjusted and replace the serpentine belt. Ha ha ha ha... I did have the automatic transmission fluid flushed as well as the differential fluid. Replaced the air filters, the serpentine belt and spark plugs. Then I found out that I had a clanging timing chain, the catalytic converter needs replacing and I had seized rear bushings (can't align rear wheels). Ha ha ha ha.... funny, eh? I had taken the CR-V to TWO mechanics before buying... one of them a CAA mechanic (Canadian version of AAA). Both cleared the vehicle. One advised me the battery would need replacing. I am more than disappointed in the dealer with the "3 month bumper to bumper warranty" and by both mechanics who I paid to check the vehicle out before I bought it. The dealer refused to answer my phone calls, acknowledge my texts, or respond to written letters that I dropped off during the 3 month period. Now he has offered me $200 for warranty repairs. I am going to take him to small claims court, but I am not sure what exactly to sue for. The mechanics who detected NONE of these problems? I am speechless. I don't even want the vehicle anymore. It is my nightmare, but I have already put about $3000 into it in the last 4 months and will never recoup my costs. What do I really need to fix on this thing to keep it going safely and soundly? I have had so many contradictory recommendations that my head is spinning. What is the tipping point, in terms of repairs, (if I have not already passed it) where I can morally sell the vehicle to some unsuspecting slug like me? Any advice on my myriad of concerns is appreciated! Ha ha ha ha ha....

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Thank you for writing in. These types of situations are more common than one may think. There are going to be certain laws, often known as "lemon laws", that your state puts in place regarding these types of transactions. You are going to want to get legal advice from a professional that knows more about the laws in your state. If these issues occurred after the warranty expired, you have an even tougher case. The two pre-purchase inspections may actually hurt your argument in that situation as well. 

If you want to resell the vehicle, you can sell it "as is" as long as you disclose the known problems. Some people are looking for something to invest in. It may be harder to resell, but it is possible to cut your losses at this point. You may also want to consider fixing the dire issues in order to get more of your investment back. 

It is best to seek legal help before you resell the vehicle. 

Good luck!

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