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I have a 2003 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 with the 2Hi/4Auto and then 4Hi/4Lo, when I’m in 4Auto, my car will engage into 4 wheel drive when I’m in snow, and when I switch to 4Hi/4Lo, I go to beau real first, wait a few moments, then hit the button for either 4Hi or 4Lo and you can hear it “lock in” and gear into a different setting, but 4 wheel drive never engages, any thoughts on what I can do myself before I take it to a mechanic? I read something maybe it is as simple as removing a fuse for 15 seconds and replacing it in (that the sensor is not reading the power that’s been engaged), but you can hear the car sounding like it’s engaging, but it does not. Help?!?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Issues switching into 4WD tend to stem from the transfer case, its electrical circuit, or from operator error. Often you need to be moving ever so slightly, around 2MPH, to be able to get the vehicle to switch to 4hi, and you should be completely stopped and in neutral to put it into 4lo. If the 4WD is working when you are in auto, via the Stabilitrak system, there is likely not a problem with the transfer case or the drivetrain mechanics. You are likely looking at an electrical problem. 

At this point, I recommend you read up on the system to double check that you are using it correctly. From there, you can look into the switch and make sure it is sending the signal to the transfer case. If the transfer case isn't responding, you can start looking into the circuitry and the rest of the system. You may want to seek professional help. 

Good luck!

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