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I just bought this 2000 Nissan xterra and they told me it has always cut out but there machanic says it is fine and will not die, but now I have had it for a week and it cutting out worse and either does die when I stop or wants to die what could be wrong with it

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. When the engine is running differently, always get the vehicle scanned for diagnostic troubleshooting codes. These cause your engine warning lights to turn on, but can be present without any dashboard lights illuminated. Use any codes to help you narrow down the possibilities. If there are no codes, then you will want to look into your throttle body and air intake. Check the idle air control valve, which is responsible for maintaining a proper idle speed when your not pressing on the gas.

Always consider a pre-purchase inspection from a certified technician before purchasing used vehicles. Good luck!

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