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I have a Nissan Versa SV, with the stock basic radio, in a salvage yard I found a Versa, same year, just with the upgraded radio with a full screen and Nav. Am I able to pull my radio out and swap them or would I need to purchase new wiring to make the swap possible?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. A radio with a screen and navigation will likely need adapters to plug in and function. You may not need an entirely new harness, but you will need a different set of plugs to power the screen. You will likely need a new mount for the screen as well. Your current dashboard may also need modifications in order to fit the new mount. It is possible, but may be more tasking that you originally thought. Do not be discouraged, with some research you can likely find all of the information needed for the swap. You are very likely not the first person to do this kind of swap. Good luck!

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