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My versa is making a loud clicking sound it gets louder when the gas is pressed.I took it on a two hour drive in total, it may have had low oil after. It started to shut off when started so I pressed the gas and it would stay on as long as the rpm didn’t drop down below 1 or I stopped at a light stop sign. wherever but got my spark plugs changed it stopped for awhile but when you take off the rom would got to 3. It would make a noise then even out.Then the loud noise came it gets louder when the gas is pressed I has started to shut off when you stop anywhere a friend said I spun a bearing just from listening to the car never checked

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Thank you for writing in. The noise needs to be pinpointed either by locating it or finding out what affects it. Low oil will certainly lead to excess engine noise, including clicking sounds. When the oil pressure isn't high enough, components at the top of the engine tend to run dryer than normal, and make more noise as more metal touches when it shouldn't. Make sure your oil is full and clean, and try to resolve any leaks you may have if any. As far as the vehicle stalling is concerned, it may or may not be related to the oil pressure issue. Only further inspection will tell, and it is likely that you need to have the vehicle inspected by a professional. Check out our list of Certified Female Friendly technicians near you. Good luck!

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