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A shop got my car to replace the lower a frame... No check engine light on... After picking car up it breaks down two streets up from the shop. I call him he comes out get it the next day tells me that the area started shaking and the engine locked up on him he doesnt know why but it wasn't worth me paying to fix and he had a friend who ran a salvage place said he would give me 300 for the car the same guy of our based the replacement lower a frame from... It sound fishy to me... Please help me what do I do

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Trust your instincts! Do not sell your vehicle to this particular salvage yard until you have more information. This could very well be a scam, and you need to get a second opinion. You are also likely to get more money for the vehicle that you are being offered, even if the engine is locked up. Get the vehicle to another shop. Ask for a manager, or a top service provider. Tell them the situation, and that you may have to take legal action. Only then will you be able to make your next move. Good luck, and thank you for writing in. 

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