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Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine installed on Komatsu PC2000 excavator. An issue description: After about 30 000 working hours the engine installed on a mining excavator Komatsu PC2000 was completely overhauled with new original parts. After 1470 working hours after the repair engine was stopped due to coolant in the oil and white exhaust smoke on one side. It was turned out that the cylinder got three vertical cracks (noon, 3pm, 6pm viewing from the top). Cracks go thru piston rings travel path starting 30mm below the top of the liner and finishing near the seat of cylinder o-rings. A small piece of exhaust valve fell off (about 30%), but it made minor damage to the piston and head but no visible damage to the cylinder liner. There are no visible scratches on the liner, the surface looks good, the hone is fully visible Piston also looks good. It has some minor polished areas near the vertical edges on the skirt All piston rings are in good condition, not broken. But oil ring has stuck in the piston. The cylinder head was slightly damaged by fallen valve piece. Mostly the valve seat was damaged. The injector stayed in working condition. Connecting rod, piston pin, bearings etc - everything is in perfect condition There was no abnormality identified in head bolts tightening. Head gasket was in perfect condition - no signs of any blows thru the gasket ECU memory contained just one minor overheat (105 deg C for less than 30 seconds) that happened after the failure was identified (while the excavator was moved to repair zone). No other errors were found in ECU. In the memory of the excavator saved errors were found of low coolant level but the time when the errors occurred was not saved. Here I posted the photos

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