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I adore my art towed to a shop to get the lower a frame replaced. The car started and ran fine before him receiving the car no check engine light or anything. After receiving the call saying the car was ready I went to pick it up and pay for the work done. I leave the shop get 2 streets down the street and the car stops on me. So I call him he comes takes the car back to his shop and say to call him tomorrow at to he will let me know what was going on with it after he looks at it again because it was time for him to go home. I go home come back the next day at 2 and he tells me the engine locked up on him he doesn't know why or how. And that it's not worth the money to fix it. He then says that a good friend of his that runs a salvage place was there when he was working on it and says he can give me 300 for my car. This "good friend" Also happens to run the salvage place where I purchased the lower a frame for the other guy to replace. What are my rights what do I do?? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

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Thank you for writing in. This is very suspicious, and you NEED a second opinion and inspection from a different place and technician. You need to explain your situation to another professional that comes highly recommended in your area. This will not only shed some light on the situation, but it will give you ammunition if you have to pursue legal options. DO NOT sell your vehicle to the shop's friend. You will likely get more for the vehicle elsewhere if what they say is true. Only after you get another inspection should you make your next move. Check out our list of Certified Female Friendly repair centers near you for more help. Good luck!

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