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Check engine light and VSC light. Then, I was advised to replaced the spark plugs, coils and service the nozzles. But, the car still misfires. Pls, what should I do to get my car back on the road again?

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Thank you for writing in. Diagnosing these types of issues can be difficult. Try to keep it simple. The VSC system uses many sensors and inputs in order to control the traction. Almost any time that your check engine light comes on, your VSC light will come on. You will want to focus on the cause of the misfire. Rescan the vehicle for codes. If there are any other codes present, you will want to use those to help you narrow in on a potential sensor or component. Check to make sure the gas cap is tight, check the mass airflow sensor, and have a technician check the fuel pressure at the engine. A misfire is caused by a lack of air, fuel, or spark. You have taken care of the spark. It may be time to focus on the air intake system and the fuel system. 

You may want to seek help from an Certified Female Friendly service center near you. You can find a list of them by entering in your zip code. 

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