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When my car is still the brakes work fine there’s resistance and everything, but when car is in motion and I try to stop my brakes go straight to the floor with zero resistance and I have to use emergency brakes to stop.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. There are several issues that could cause similar issues, but it is likely that you have an issue with the brake booster. To put it simply, when the engine is running it produces a vacuum. That suction is harnessed by several systems in the car, including your brake system. The brake booster uses that vacuum to help assist you with applying the brakes. If one of the vacuum valves on the booster gets stuck open, it ends up sucking the pedal down to the floor and not letting go until the suction has been cut off (when the engine turns off). 

You will want to speak with a brake specialist to have the issue verified and repaired. Check out our list of certified Female Friendly repair shops near you for our top recommendations. Good luck!

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