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Hello my name is Rolanda and I had just bought my very first car yesterday and yes check engine light is on. It drove ok when i got it and then after the next day it started only going so far and then i would have to turn it all the way of then turn it back on and kinda slowly, put it in drive or reverse, it would start to go then it would start going as if it wasn't in the right gear like if it was in neutral or something. so i would have to put it back in park then turn it all the way off then turn it back on. I maybe would have to do that like 3 or 4 times maybe more for it to kick again. Then it would go for just a few minutes and it would do it all again. I was told it was the speed sensor by the person i bought it from and also the transmission was dry also, and also mentioned that it kinda started doing that all after leaving it running too long n too i was trying to fix my radio in it around the same time i had it running then it started doing that because it was not doing none of that before

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

Hello Rolanda, 

Thank you for writing in. Congrats on the new vehicle!

The symptoms you describe sound like you are having and issue with the transmission, so the seller was likely correct. If there is no fluid in the transmission, it will not work. All automatic transmissions completely depend on a full fluid level in order to switch gears and work like they were designed to. A speed sensor can also cause shifting problems. 

You will want to have the speed sensor and the transmission both inspected. At this point, you may be doing the transmission damage by driving it without proper fluid levels. Both of these repairs would be difficult for someone to perform without proper knowledge or a manual. I suggest you get the vehicle professionally inspected immediately. Check out our list of Certified Female Friendly service centers near you to find local techs in your area that we trust. 

Good luck!

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