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Hi my 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse hood release cable broke eight at the end, now i cant open my hood and my car needs every fluid u can imagine, how would i go about opening it?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. How you go about opening the hood latch will depend on which end of the cable broke. If it broke at the end next to the handle, you can try to take the paneling off of the dashboard and find the end of the cable. At that point, you can pull hard on the cable and release the hood latch. If it broke at the latch end of the cable, you are going to have to attempt to access the hood latch from the front grille. You may be able to use a screwdriver or long pair of needle nose pliers to access the mechanism or whats left of the cable. This may be a job best left to a technician who knows how the mechanisms work, and who has the tools to be able to access it. Contact your local Certified repair center for more help. 

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