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I have the engine light on and power restriction. lumpy tick over won't rev over 3000rpm if I get the light re set the power restriction light goes out and i get full power. Not always the same time and distance it then goes back into limp mode.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Limp mode is being continuously triggered by a sensor that is sending the vehicle's computer a reading that it doesn't like. Once that sensor sends a bad signal, the computer decides that it has to protect the engine and transmission. You need to determine what sensor is causing the limp mode in order to solve the problem. There may be a sensor that has failed, which means nothing is actually wrong with the vehicle. However, if there is a detrimental issue that is otherwise going undetected, you may be causing harm to the vehicle. 

Scan the vehicle for diagnostic codes instead of having them reset. Use those codes to help point you towards the component or sensor that may be at fault. Seek professional help if needed. Good luck!

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