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Hope you can help. My LR3 has No air in the rear airbags. The Suspension default light is on and the suspension compressor is trying to engage but will not allow the truck to raise. So do I need to replace the compressor or change airbags ? It has 152k

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. There is no absolute way of knowing without some further testing. First, start by having the vehicle scanned for codes in order to find out what that warning light is trying to tell you. The warning lights and the diagnostic codes that set them off can be very specific. This may point you to exactly what is wrong. Even if you can hear the compressor trying to work, it may not actually be providing any air. The alternative is that you have a leak, and you would notice some air going into the bags and leaking out if this was the case. You will want to have some further testing done by a professinal who is familiar with Land Rover airbag suspension systems. Good luck!

LeeAnn Shattuck, Chief Car Chick at The Car Chick

Failure of the air ride system on Land Rovers is a commen problem.  A qualified Land Rover mechanic will need to look at it to determine which components need to be replaced.  It's usually the compressors that fail, and it's a very expensive repair.  If you have made it to 152k miles before seeing this failure, you have done well!

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