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My son's Celia GT (140000) is consuming oil, almost one quart every other week and there are not visible leaks. Today I saw some oil spills in the hood after using it. I open the hood and I found the oil cap totally loose and upside down. Is the second time I find the cap as that and the first time I told him to be more careful at the time of checking the oil. At that time he told me I haven't touch that. What is going on with this car?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


It is highly unlikely that the oil cap is coming unscrewed and turning itself perfectly upside down on the oil filler tube. However, stranger things have happened, and there are a few steps you can take to make sure that you have an oil cap that is tight and fit for use. You will want to check the cap for signs of issues like cracks or messed up threads that could cause it to come free. Screw the oil cap down firmly and test it to make sure it is in place. If you need to purchase a new oil cap, do so to make sure that it will not come off while driving. 

If you are loosing oil, and cannot see a spill, then you are liking having and issue with the head gasket. A leak in the head gasket allows oil to flow into the cylinders and become consumed with the fuel. Check the coolant as well, as a leaking or blown head gasket will also effect your coolant levels. It is also possible for a blown head gasket to allow the oil and the coolant to mix, which can be detrimental to the engine and cooling system. Good luck!

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