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I have an 07 Grand Prix Super Charger with 142k miles. I was driving it the other day when it randomly shut off. About 20 minutes later it started and drove fine. I let it sit all weekend and I drove it 100 miles home and about 40 minutes in, I was going 70-75mph when my RPM dropped to 0 briefly then went back up to 2-2.5 then it dropped to 0 again, shutting down while I’m speeding along. I let it come to a complete stop, turned it off and when I turned it back on, it started right up and I made it the rest of the way home. I heard the buzz of the fuel pump so I know it is working (had a fuel pump placed in 2013 with 60k miles). My transmission was rebuilt 2 months ago. Battery is a year old. And I had some $600 sensor replaced last year. The only thing I haven’t done is replaced the original spark plugs/wires. Could that be it or something else?

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Thank you for writing in. There first step is to verify if the vehicle is loosing its RPMs and becoming unresponsive, or if the engine itself is shutting off. This will determine if you need to focus on your engine or have the rebuilt transmission warrantied. If the engine is not shutting off, then you need to have the transmission looked at. If the engine itself is shutting off when this happens, start looking into fuel, air, and spark. Its unlikely that one or two spark plugs or wires would cause a stall, but an ignition coil or distributor issue would. If you are having an engine problem,, you will want to start by scanning the vehicle for diagnostic codes, even without a check engine light. Only further testing will tell. 

Good luck!


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