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I just had to replace my ignition on my Toyota Highlander 2002 because of my original ignition key, had gotten stolen off of my keychain. And that was the only key I had. I had just bought the car used from a really good friend of mine. And now I have bought a brand new ignition from the auto parts store. I bought a copy of the old ignition key for my Toyota Highlander 2002 to be able to take the old ignition off of the car to be able to put the new ingitionon the car . The copy of the key to the old ingintion does not have a chip in it . And I already put the new ignition in to my Toyota Highlander 2002. I don't know why it wont start . what am i doing wrong .. I dont have enough money to take my car to the dealership or to even call the locksmith out .. What do i do ... Please let me know something even if there is a list of things i could do .... Please and thank u .. God bless u and have a nice day ...

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You will have to get a key that matches your new ignition if it did not come with one. If the new ignition did come with a key, and nether it or the old key work, then you likely need to have the key programed. If your new ignition did not come with a key, you need to contact the manufacture to get a key. There is nothing else you can do due to the design of the ignition and starting system that wont cause major damage or potentially cause more issues. 

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