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A/C will not blow cold.the lights on dash blink on and off as if the a/C is trying to kick in.just got finished trying to put coolant into the system.wont take any from the can of coolant,which I think means either it is full,or can is not spraying,but when I released the pressure gauge from can,the hose was,full.but no matter how many times I re-hook the hose,still can't get it to flow into a/C system.would there maybe be a problem with the electrical componants,or the compressor,even though. Air still blows,and every once in a while even c ppl of air there an easy and cost efficient way to fix the issue.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. You are correct in thinking that the compressor may be having problems. The compressor clutch switches on and off (or moves in and out), and one of the first things a technician will do is to listen for the clicking noises that occur when the compressor cycles. If you do not hear the clicking sounds, you know the compressor is not working. Excess noise may also mean that there are broken components inside of the compressor or that the compressor has lost its oil inside. It will have to be tested and replaced if needed. 

Secondly, be cautious when using AC recharge cans. The AC system works very delicately using a difference in refrigerant pressures to regulate temperatures. Recharging cans only connect to one side of the system, and force your system to try and regulate the pressures inside from there. The alternative is to have it recharged with an specialized AC recharge machine, which connects to both the high and low pressure sides of the system. Have the system professionally recharged with a AC recharging machine which will ensure that the pressures inside the AC are regulated properly. These machines also collect the old refrigerant and do not allow the extremely toxic chemicals in refrigerant to leak into our atmosphere. 

If you must have the compressor replaced, your AC system will have to be recharged anyway. Have the system diagnosed in person so a technician can verify your concerns. 


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