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About a week ago when the weather got REALLY Warm. I start the car & the Gauge says Service 4WD, then check gauges light comes on. Then ALL GAUGES light up & the car dies. Sometimes it takes up to 10 times for it to go. Sometimes it will be fine when I start it then I put in gear & it goes to 3 instead of drive. I shutoff car & start again then it goes. In the morning's (5am) it is fine to get to work. I'm don't know many places that won't LIE or Burn a Woman. Please help!! Thanks & Bless this site

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. You are most likely having an electrical problem that is keeping your vehicle from staying on while driving. Electrical problems with the alternator or battery for example can send a ripple effect through the other systems in the car, such as the transmission and 4WD system. The issue with the transmission not going into drive may be unrelated to the electrical issue, but it is hard to tell without the vehicle in person to examine. I suggest that you take your vehicle to an Certified Female Friendly repair center for a proper diagnosis. Simply enter your geographical information into our "Certified Female Friendly Locations" prompt on the side of your screen to get a list of shops we trust in your area. 

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