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I got into a accident in October 2017 and i didn't have insurance. My car was hit driver side and needed a lot of repair. I started getting work done to the car in 2018 after i got some insurance i didn't file a claim but the last thing i need repaired is the airbag. I have a recall for my car 2010 mustang but if it needs to be reprogrammed the recall doesn't cover that. I want to know what are my options?

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Thank you for writing in. If the airbag module needs to be reprogrammed, the dealership or a qualified technician will have to reset it. The module holds information after being set off as the result of a wreck. The airbag module will need to be reset, and then you can have the dealership replace the airbag. It should not matter that you were in a wreck prior to acting on the recall. You will just not be covered for resetting the module. Without resetting the module, your new airbag may not be able to be installed. Its likely you will have to have this done first. Its also likely that the dealership can do it for you before they put in the airbag, they just may charge you for it. Good luck!

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