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Good day, i had my car turn on and drove a minor distance. i park after a while i turn on the car and discovered the check engine light is still on. i move a little to see if it would go off i discovered the slip indicator light pops up and remain. i pull over off the car and re start but the condition remain the same. please i need your advice. Thou for a while now my master light had been on. when i check it it show the rear wheel speed sensor might be malfunctioning. am yet to fix it. could it be the cause of the engine check?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


It is common for the wheel speed sensors to cause the check engine light to come one when it malfunctions. Wheel speed sensors can also cause other warning lights pertaining to the traction control systems and anti-lock braking system, as these are two of the systems that use this sensor most frequently. Your transmission and engine may also act differently with a bad wheel speed sensor input. Have the sensor changed as it is likely failed. You can also check to make sure it did not get unplugged or is simply dirty. Good luck!

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