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Recently my check engine came on and I'll have to jiggle the positive wire on the battery to get it to start. Then the light goes off. When I had the code read, it said catalytic converter, however I've had that replaced just recently. Every time it has come on recently, it will ride for a length of time, and I'll go to crank it and it will click. Once I jiggle the wire, it starts right up and the light goes off. Just had the post on the battery replaced yesterday, however it came back on this morning, showing it will do it again soon. Please help.

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at

It sounds like you have an issue with your battery cables. Make sure both cables are clean, dry, and tight. Also make sure your battery is grounded correctly. The warning light may be caused by the issue with the battery, regardless of the fact its causing a code for the oxygen sensor. Good luck!

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