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Hi ! I have a JEEP Renegade that is a LEASE to buy . its a 2015 with 20,000 miles. Right now at $15,250 to buy . I found there are no other cars with that loweer mileage at that price. And I was wondering If I should buy it. Right now I dont need a car for commuting to work. I live very close to where I work so there is no need for me to use it. However we are planning on starting a family DEC 2018 , so I might need another car by Mid 2019. Is is a better option to keep it? or to save those 278 dlls monthly for a year and buy something else used un 2019"?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


There are several benefits to purchasing a car that has been leased. Dealerships must sell the vehicles once they are returned, and often find it less difficult to make a good deal with the person leasing instead of having to remarket and sell the vehicle. You may want to consider if this is the ideal vehicle for you to start your family with. How large do you intend on growing your family, and how quickly do you plan on growing it? Is the Renegade going to meet all of your needs when the time comes? Also consider how much negotiating you are willing to do, as you may be able to talk down the price even further. 

Good luck!

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