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When I try to start my car it makes a rrrrr noise. It dosen't start. The battery and engine lights go on.

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Amanda J. Pierce, MBA

I suggest you may need a jump, and perhaps a new battery. If you have roadside assistance they too, should be able to help in an emergency. I suggest having your battery tested also, it may have a dead cell.

Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


The lights and radio turning on is a sign that the battery is strong enough to turn on the electronics. However, it may not be strong enough to crank over the engine. When dealing with a "no start" situation, you will want to start by making sure the battery has not failed. The best way to test the battery is to take it to your local automotive parts store and have them run it through a diagnostic test. If the battery is fine, then you want to turn your attention to the starter. 

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