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Hi guys, Having a problem with my car at the moment. Have noticed that when I select drive it feels as if it is starting in second gear it takes about 2,000 to 3,000 rpm's for the car to start moving. And on the instrument cluster the light that shows what gear you select does not light around the "D". Manually going through the gears by selecting first and second then drive are fine and smooth. The problem only happens when selecting "D" From a stop. Any help would be appreciated. Check engine light has not come on. Did a check for codes by shorting pins on diagnosis port. No codes

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


There will need to be testing done to the transmission to pinpoint the cause of  your problems. You may be having a hydraulic problem, which can be caused by solenoids, check balls, and several other components. Due to the fact your transmission is working normally when manually shifted through the gears, the transmission as a whole has likely not failed. The hard part will be running the correct series of tests to locate your problem. You will want to contact a local transmission specialist in your area that is familiar with your make and model. Check the Certified Female Friendly repairs shops in your area for a list of potential help in your city. 

Good luck!

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