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When ever I turn on my headlights or turn on my blinkers or even turn on the heater my Honda dies down. Why?? I put an new battery and alternator on it and it still does it can u please tell me why 

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


This type of electrical problem can be difficult to track down. You have to consider all of the components that are being effected, and find the component(s) that they have in common which can effect all of the systems that are malfunctioning. You may have a short between the systems that is sending power somewhere else. The blinkers and headlights share a lot of the same components, and they should not effect the engine power. This is where you may want to start. The heater typically takes some horsepower when running, but should not effect the vehicle dramatically. The only component they all share is the drive belt. The drive belt supplies the alternator with power for the electronics, and drives the water pump which is responsible for sending coolant to the heater core. Check the pulleys, tensioner, and condition of the belt. 

Good luck. 

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