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Tire pressure on the tires

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If you are wondering how to read the tire pressure on the side of the tire, we are happy to help. When looking at the side-wall of the tire, you will see several sets of numbers. One will have a unit of "PSI", which stands for pounds per square inch. This is the tire pressure, measured when the tires are cold. You want to keep your tires at this pressure for the best ride, and the best gas mileage. 

Your tires warm up as they start moving. When this happens the air inside heats up and expands. You want to measure tire pressure when tires are cold. If you over-pressurize them when cold, the tires will become easier to pop once they heat up and the expanding air inside increases the pressure even higher. 

You can also find manufacture recommend tire pressure from Toyota on the driver's side information sticker located in the door jam. If the reading on your tire varies from manufacture numbers, follow the tires guidelines. Pressure for this car's tires should be around 30-32 PSI when cold.  

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